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#25 Be careful what you post with your secure ICIS access. You wouldn't want to get yourself in trouble.

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actually ICIS filings are not part of a "secure ICIS access".  Anyone can look at the filings on any case on anyone... FREE, it's public information.

I'm not sure why you are trying to scare #25, or maybe you don't understand ICIS.  A monthly subscription... what you call a "secure ICIS access" gets you additional access to the parties, the long title and the judgment entry. 

But again the filings and the criminal charge and the financials are public record... for anyone with an internet connection to see.

  So, what trouble can #25 get into???  What exactly do you mean??

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is it all over for everyone now?

the law
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to  the  owi  she  has  no  drivers  lic.   she  was  found  guilty   and  as  to  tho  ex s   abuse  charges   ,  the  judge   laughed   and  through  it   out   no  charges   .  what  is  wrong  with  you  people  .   the   a. t.  of  iowa  took  the  case  over   .   she  will   go  to  prison   for   a  long  time

the law
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Attorney  General  thorman   has  received  the  lass  vr.  iowa  case  .     and  he  is  known   as   the     Bulldog.    we   can  not  have  these  kind  of  people   destroying   lives  of  our  young  and   others .

the law
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right  now  she  is  looking at  52  years  on  11  felony  counts  and  3  agg.  miss.    even  if  she  pleas  out   it  a  dark  dark  road  ahead  for  that  evil  evil  .  whatever  you  want  to  call  her  ?????

the law
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if anyone  catches  here  driving  please  call  911  she   sneaks  around  in  her  moms  tan  4  door  sedan     selling   her   drugs   and meeting  her  next   victims  .  and  ruining   are  town ,   we  need  to   work  together  to   keep  our   young   safe   ...    ?????    911  

the law
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to    . we  all  know   and   owi  case

     every  one  knows   she  is  a  drug  user  and  dealer.   and   she  did  get  owi   second  offence.   plus  her  know  bofriend   is  brady  hirt  a  known  and  registered   child  molester   .   call  the   county   attorny   and  wonder  why   she  is  still  out  everyone...  this  is  wrong  for  our  town   ,,,,,   ??????
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are you not in jail? Reading your 5 posts makes me think you are one of her best customers.

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Nobody can be as illiterate as that poster.......
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Cynthia  Koons   got   50   years   on   two  felionies    ms.  Lass   is  charged   with   13 .     wow  

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no  trsshelle   did  not  get  out  of  the  o w i  charge    and     the  alleged  charges  of  abuse  from   5  yrs   ago  where   thrown  out  of  court  and  laughed  at  by  the  judge.    just  a  desperate  move  by  a desperate sick   sick  sick  person

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trashlle   finally  goes  to  trial   aug.  30 th   about  time

How'd it work out
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Why doesn't Spirit Lake Police have drug busts anymore? That is a lazy department. Couldn't even get results out of operation "injured sparrow".

Get to work and earn your paychecks.

SL Citizen
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I'd like to know how many drug arrests the Milford, Arnolds Park, Okoboji or Dickinson County law enforcement departments are making.  It appears that Spirit Lake residents are paying for drug enforcement of the entire county.  How about a little help.

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The answer is to your question is 5.  ok?

which is it
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#45 didn't read #44 before posting, they are polar opposites of each other.

SL Citizen
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#45 did read #44 and disagrees.


To poster #46... Thanks for your response.  Does your answer refer to one department or all of the mentioned departments collectively; and in what time frame?

I read
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about drug busts everday!  We have a problem here.

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Another one bits the dust
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