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Guess who is building a $3,000,000.00 home in SL
I give up
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Who cares. I'd live in a mansion too if I had the money.
just curious
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that okay?
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Do you think its obama you racist bastard?
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Now that you everyone's attention, what is it you really want to complain about?
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Mr. We Are Spirit Lake..

Building materials coming from Hartley..
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Well, good for Mr. Spirit Lake. I'm sure he worked hard to be able to build a 3 million dollar home.
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Well, good for Mr. Spirit Lake. I'm sure he worked hard to be able to build a 3 million dollar home.
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Well, good for Mr. Spirit Lake. I'm sure he worked hard to be able to build a 3 million dollar home.
So What???
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Who really cares if someone is building a 3M home?  There are plenty of them in this area already, what's another one?

Here's how this thread will play out...
Starts with the "Guess who's building a 3M home???"  like it's really hot gossip.  Nobody here really cares unless they are jealous of someone else.

So we'll call the initial poster on their BS, and the next issue will be either
      A.  they got the money thru unlawful/inappropriate means
or   B.  They aren't spending it the way the initial poster would like
or   C.  Some other lame excuse

In reality, it's just envy and boredom that starts these lousy  threads.  Grow up and get a life.
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The Banker, or what?? Spit it out! Who cares, he works for a living, if that is what he choses to spend his money on so be it. Is this really any different than those that live on the lake here - no. Who cares, hope it makes Okoboji Magazine & we can all see the pics.
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mr smith spirit lake superintendent right next to indian hills golf course
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Is that what is going in next to the golf course? with the road leading in from the West. When you said We are Spirit Lake, most refer to that as the banker not superintendent. And, WHY are teachers having to put in requests for classroom items for approval... lets put some money into the classrooms, parking lot and the interior of the elementary school. Its so dark and uninviting at the entrance. Parking lot situation continues...BUILD ON.
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Driveway comes in from the west, just across from the house he bought in Weather End on West Okoboji.
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Who cares?
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Seriously...who cares!?!? Good for them! The negativity and gossip on this site astounds me!
You should care...
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He has a history of making decisions based on Entitlement and under the table dealings. Why would he purchase building materials out of the Hartley? We support the district with taxes. So why would he purchase from outside the district. Why would he contract with a 'builder' who hold a large independent
contract with the School? With all the cost over runs going on the current school building, I hope materials
are not ending up at his personal project. Do you really want a Supt to lead our district that can't even control his own personal spending ego, let alone the schools? He can do as he pleases with his money. But he should not be allowed to waste my tax dollars. So the banker scratches his back and gets the large insurance package for his bank. The lawn care 'dud' gets to build his house for a few extra dollars on the school contract. Supt gets lower building costs and lower loan rates. It all sounds fair and above board to me.
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His wife purchased that 'Ag Land' for $788,000 on 05/03/13. Somebody has a point & somebody btr be digging into this.
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Since you have so much free time to think all of his schemings (sp?) up, why don't you just go right ahead yourself and research it!  Unbelievable!  Are you really that jealous of other peoples blessings?  I wish I could afford to do what they are doing, but I can't.  And that's fine, it doesn't mean I get jealous of those that can.

You do know that he also farms, that his job with the school system is not his only income (not that it is any of your business).    And that they are building storage buildings on the property, which in turn will generate income for them. 

Even though I am a local business owner and value those that buy locally, it is his choice as to who and where he buys his supplies from.  Do you buy everything locally??? I know I don't.  Did you ever stop to think that maybe it's a family member or a good friend that he is buying from.  I don't know if it is or isn't.  Or even, that maybe he tried to buy locally and the cost wasn't comparable at all.  What I'm getting at is to stop thinking that everything isn't on the up and up.   

And to sit here and say that he is taking supplies from the school to build, what a low blow!  I'm embarrassed for you!  Grow up!
Totally agree
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we have some cheap little crap heads here who can't stand to see anyone succeed. Look what they've done to Butch. The best thing to do is to just ignore them and they will go away like a popped pimple.
dang it
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I told the guy to build a 4,000,000 dollar home but figured maybe that was over the "tolerant" barrier for people who are jealous because they can afford it and the people complaining can't.
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NO MORE BUY LOCAL - the hell with the area businesses, they should ALL go bankrupt!
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The person who started the post & the person who 'investigated' original poster to see if was fact are two different people. A farmer WHERE? Who puts storage building behind there home to rent out thats just weird.
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Ya know, I have noticed when people post something on here it most always ends up be truthful or some fact to the post. So, there is some curiousity here for sure to keep an eye on. Take a certain SL cop, people on here have been saying for the last couple years what criminal trouble he and his significant other have been in & then voila, fired. So yes, I will bite on the first poster comments, jealous or not, that is a lot of house, and someone knows something, or this would not be brought up on here.
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it was inheritance money. Unless you know the facts, probably shouldn't assume the worst.

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Post Deleted

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I see A lot of good points and facts being posted on here. Everything comes to light sooner or later. In this case I hope its sooner then later! What's right is right and what's wrong is wrong. Greed takes over some people so bad that they don't know when to stop. He wont stop until he has everything and everyone that helped him get what he wanted gets done just like everyone else and is left with NOTHING!
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Why did that post get deleted?? was there some truth behind it?? I'm just asking because its got my mind wondering about some things?? How did "Mr. Spirit Lake" ...
********** Edited **********

Freedom of speech is our 1st Amendment...since when has it been a crime to speak your mind?? I guess only when its referring to the truth!!

Those in the public domain can be referenced, friends and family are off limits. Thanks for your cooperation.
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You Don't have to be a friend or family member to use common sense of prior postings in this forum and read between the lines and see bs. A farmer where?? good question. rumors start and people talk.... investigate a little is right. Someone needs too!
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